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Inspiring others to grow and build with purpose as we build value-added solutions.

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Hostetler Buildings

Hostetler Buildings collaborates with our clients for a smooth construction experience from concept to completion.

The Process

Hostetler Manufacturing

Hostetler Manufacturing crafts our signature steel trusses entirely in-house using cutting-edge technology run by a highly skilled welders.


Building a Story

Hostetler Buildings has grown a lot since we started in 1966. And we continue to grow. But there’s several things that have never changed. The root of our success has always been commitment to people and quality. Our focus is people-driven. And our purpose is consistent: To inspire others to grow and build with purpose, and to build value-added solutions.

Where We Started

In 1966, Ben W. Hostetler moved his family from Illinois to the Missouri Ozarks and started steel fabrication and construction. In those early years, Ben set up shop in their front yard while his wife cooked for the crew.

His sons became involved in company leadership around its ten-year mark. In 1990, three sons—Ken, David, and Vernon—began the process of buying the business from Ben. In ‘92, they acquired a sheet metal fabrication company on the east coast and moved the machinery to Missouri.

In 2004, we acquired a feed mill (which serves a specialty market primarily in the poultry industry) and built several country stores.

The years from 2012-2014 brought more company growth. The second generation was ready to plan for succession, and the third generation was actively involved and prepared to assume leadership. It was time to think creatively with the company structure. And it was important that the success of the business was shared by everyone who played a vital role in earning it. So we began sharing ownership, starting with 11 grandsons and 10 key employees.

Who We Are Today

Today, the leadership structure at Hostetler continues to expand as the need arises and resources permit. But we’re still an entrepreneurial company at heart. As we’ve grown, our mission— to inspire others to grow and build with purpose, and to build value-added solutions—has clarified our priorities.

Hostetler Buildings has developed a new focus on design and engineering with heavy investments in software and physical testing, while working with multiple crews/contractors across the United States.

We are also growing into a premier building supplier for contractors. Plans are underway to open a new sheet metal plant later this year to produce components and branded products in addition to the flagship Hostetler steel truss.

Our stores now house our building sales offices and service centers for our construction and poultry interests. The store also serves as a base for the emergency service phone line and service vans which assist the building division or poultry clients. In addition, you’ll find a unique shopping experience with home décor, dry goods, and lots of gift options.

Let’s Build

We’re thankful for our history and excited about our future. But most importantly, our company is a vehicle to serve Christ and love our neighbors. Our success has allowed us to serve our neighbors both locally, nationally, and internationally with humanitarian work in over 30 countries including Haiti, Africa, and Cuba.

We’re here to build and to inspire others to build, and that goes far beyond construction and manufacturing. It means building community. The world changes when we set aside differences and connect with each other. It means building families, raising children who will be good citizens and leaders. Building each other. Mentorship is a key part of our company. We love to put our people in positions that play to their strengths and interests. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a clean, exciting workplace that motivates personal growth and develops talents. And most importantly, it means building ourselves professionally, personally, and spiritually so that we’re able to better serve our clients, families, communities, and ultimately, our God.

Inspiring others to grow and build with purpose, as we build value-added solutions. That’s what allows us to get up in the morning and enjoy what we’re doing.

Building Value-Added Solutions

Inspiring people to build with purpose.