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Precision. Durability. Versatility.

Hostetler Manufacturing Company has been crafting steel truss systems for well over 50 years, during which the steel truss has become the signature of a Hostetler building. We believe that we have developed and invested in a unique combination of experience, talent, and technology that allows us to deliver extraordinary results. Below you’ll find information to help you understand more about our manufacturing capabilities, Hostetler truss advantages, and how we can collaborate on your project!

Steel Truss Advantages


Our trusses’ clear-span capabilities allows your building to easily adapt to your changing needs.


Work with our teams to customize the appearance and functionality of your building to fit your vision.


With every component crafted of premium steel, our trusses are engineered to last for generations.


Mounted on a custom-built, curved rail, our fixture adjusts to accommodate any size of truss. A precise system of holes and spacers also guarantee that the parts will fit together flawlessly. All truss components are cut with automatic saws, robotic plasma, and fiber laser cutting machines eliminating much possibility for human error. Our high-tech wire welders allow us to specify the size and type of weld to satisfy engineering requirements for strength.

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Our team professionally engineers each plan to meet the unique load-bearing and clear-span requirements of the building. When approved, the detailed truss drawings are sent to the set-up technician and machine operators. The set-up tech distributes the plans to our teams who prep the fixturing. Our machine operators cut and stage materials. Following engineering requirements, our workforce of certified welders build the trusses to perfectly fit the plan specifications.  Every component of our trusses is crafted in-house to produce the highest quality, most consistent product possible.

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Let’s Collaborate

We love what we do in both construction and manufacturing fields, and we believe in sharing that passion. With steel truss systems tailored to help you overcome the specific challenges of your build, our Hostetler Manufacturing advantage (and over 50 years of industry experience and innovation) is at your fingertips. Call us to find out how we can work together. 

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